A Perfect Day at Rayong



Kick start a perfect day out with a steaming hot bowl of Rayong kuay tiew (Local Thai noodle soup) then complement it with a strong dose of Thai tea at Brasserie, located on the 05th level of the hotel. For the more adventurous types who would like to sample other breakfast options, head out and take a morning stroll just outside the hotel. There you will find lots of street side Thai food stalls, cafes and noodle stands on every corner.

Keep pace along Sukhumvit Road and you will encounter numerous shops with special offers of massage and food deals.



After lunch, head for some Retail therapy. You can choose to browse for some local fashion and great bargains or indulge in high street fashion at the Passione Shopping Destination, adjacent to the hotel. Now, it is time to relax after a day of shopping and you can choose from either working out at our 28th Floor state of the art Gymnasium or the Infinity pool at 29th Floor, both of which offer spectacular views over the Gulf of Thailand.



Start off your evening at our signature Elementi Rooftop Grill and Bar, which is Rayong's highest rooftop restaurant and bar. Start off with some cool signature cocktails and enjoy gastronomic journey and experience like no other, while savouring delectable Italian cuisine. For the musically inclined, continue the party at one of the numerous clubs and bars at a short walking distance of 10 minutes on the 2nd Road Walking street.


In the Know

Getting Around


Bus Routes

Taking the bus is not recommended for first time visitors in Rayong. Please contact our Concierge team if you wish to take a tour around the city.


Taxi / Limousine

Taxis are always available in front of our main entrance. The hotel also offer a limousine service upon request. Please contact our Concierge team for more details or to make an arrangement.

Local Culture



Tipping is at your discretion. Please note that most of the hotel charges automatically include a certain percentage for service charge. While it is far from mandatory, most locals will typically leave a small amount of change behind as a gratuity.



Rayong enjoys a temperate climate throughout the year. Monsoon Season is from May-September officialy but because of it's coastal location, it enjoys bursts of rain outside the monsoon season as well. The avergae temperature ranges from a low of 25 Degress to 33 degress Celsius.


What to Wear

Wear light, comfortable cotton clothing for everyday wear. Casual wear is acceptable anywhere but certain establishment and restaurants require “smart casual”(collared shirt, trousers and shoes, not sandals.)